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Corporate Profile

We are a high-growth, extreme value retailer of quality, name-brand consumables and fresh products sold through a network of independently owned and operated stores. Each of our stores offers a fun, treasure hunt shopping experience in an easy-to-navigate, small-box format. An ever-changing assortment of “WOW!” deals, complemented by everyday staple products, generates customer excitement and encourages frequent visits from bargain-minded shoppers. Our flexible buying model allows us to offer quality, name-brand opportunistic products at prices significantly below those of conventional retailers. Entrepreneurial independent owner-operators (IOs) run our stores and generally live in the community that they serve, creating a neighborhood-feel through personalized customer service and a localized product offering.

Our founder, Jim Read, pioneered our opportunistic buying model in 1946 and subsequently developed the IO selling approach, which harnesses individual entrepreneurship and local decision-making to better serve customers in their communities. Underlying this differentiated model was a mission that still guides us today: “Touching Lives for the Better.” Since 2006, the third generation of Read family leadership, Eric Lindberg, Jr., Chairman of our Board of Directors (and former Chief Executive Officer), has continued to advance this mission and accelerated growth by strengthening our supplier relationships, introducing new product categories and expanding the store base from 128 stores in 2006 to more than 440 stores in 2023. Our passionate, founding family-led team remains a driving force behind our growth-oriented culture.

Our differentiated model for buying and selling drives us to “WOW!” our customers every day, generating customer excitement, inspiring loyalty and supporting profitable sales growth.